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Frequently Asked Questions

**How do you have berries in the winter?
Many of todays berry varieties were bred for low chill, meaning less time dormant ot produce. With late producing varieties, mid season and early, we are able to have berries year round.

**Can I have a boysenberry year round?
No, there are two distinct groups of Berry Varieties, Primo cane and Flovro cane. Primo cane being the growth that comes up during growing season that produce berries. Flovro cane growth must over winter to produce fruit. Boysenberry is a Flovro cane so will only produce fruit for a short period each year on canes grown last year.

**What’s the season?
Pudwill Farms is located in a very unique micro climate. We have a coastal influence that keeps us from getting too cold in winter and too hot in the summer. With the many varieties, Primo cane, Flovro cane, early, mid and late season producers, the season is year round.